Summer Bash - a Big Thank You !
Date: Monday, June 12 @ 14:07:27 BST
Topic: Social Event

A big thank you to all the WRPC and BSD members for ticket sales, organisation and effort on the night to make the bash a great success.

In particular thank you to Harry Brisland, Chris Camm, Lynnette and Nigel Spoors for their support.

Estimated turnout approx. 175 people

Straw-poll indicates the vast majority enjoyed the Owter Zeds.

The campsite was reasonably quiet and well behaved this year
- thank you all.


1) Liddo - bringing your skis to Kettlewell was a little optimistic
2) Nigel Spoors - ditch the khaftan next year
3) CS and JC - what's with the white rose diggers-only t-shirts - elitist ?


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