Thank you for your interest in the club!

In order to join in with WRPC activities you must be at least 16 and become a Probationary Member.

Probationary Membership lasts for 6 months. During this time you must attend THREE official club trips underground (there is at least one per month, normally on a Sunday), be able to tie a bowline knot, and have satisfied the Executive Committee that you are both safe underground and compatible with other members. When you have completed these requirements your name is put before the Committee again, and if accepted you become a Full Member.

Members of the club go caving most weekends, and the club can obtain permits for any caves you specially want to visit. We have a wealth of underground expertise, and many of our members are also in Cave Rescue.

Special trips are arranged for beginners, and we provide all necessary equipment.

Full Membership entitles you to:

There is a club dinner held after the AGM, plus ceilidhs, barn dances and parties. There are also family outings and camping, all this organised by our Social Secretary. If your application is successful we will mail you a list of members so you can contact anyone in the club easily.

2023 Subscription Rates

Membership Category Cost
Full Membership - Caver with BCA Membership & Insurance (£13 insured direct or with another club) £33.00
Joint Membership - Joint (one caver, one social) £44.00
Probationary Membership (valid 6 months) (Probationary application form) £15.00
Social Memebrship - Social with BCA Membership & insurance £11.00
Temporary Membership Free**

Full Membership Joining Fee £3.00 (once only additional payment on upgrading from Probationary to Full Membership)

Social Member Join the club and attend social events, receive newsletters etc, but no caving!

Joint Membership = one Full Member and Social Membership for their partner/wife/husband - same benefits as above.

** Temporary Membership is valid for 17 consecutive days only. This membership category cannot be renewed within one calendar year. We would encourage anyone who enjoyed the Temporary Membership to upgrade to Full or Probationary Membership.

We would be glad for you and your friends to come along straight away. We will provide all necessary tackle, and at least at first will loan you personal gear like lamps, sit-harnesses etc.

If you wish to join please download and fill out a Probationary application form and either email it to us, or post to address on the form.

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