Photos - from 2008

Caving the proper way! Never mind the emergency supplies of a bent melted chock bar. Time for a snack! More peas anyone? © Gary Rhodes

Welsh Action – Elm Hole © Frank Longwill. Have been pottering about in Ogof Nant Rhin in South Wales. Thought I might get stuck in the squeeze and as I was on my own didn't want to get stuck so I took some pics. Update - actually it was Elm Hole.... I have however located the Ogof Nant Rhin entrance and am planning a return later this afternoon - © Frank

Does this squeeze make my bum look BIG? Photo © Gary Rhodes

Beldi Hill – Keld 3rd May 2008 by Gary Rhodes. Black and white stuff – Photo © Gary Rhodes

Sir Francis Level - Abby looking up at overhead winding gear – Photo © Gary Rhodes

Lost John's Team – Ian, Gen, Jane, Simon after LJ © Ian Cummins

Nant at Last - 3 trips down the wrong cave then I found the right entrance © Frank Longwill

Nant at Last – Finally Found the Entrance © Frank Longwill

Leck Fell Master Cave – picture © by Jane

70s cavers near Washfold Photo © Ian Cummins

Phil Ryder peers into one of many entries to the little known caves at the head of Penyghent Gill.

A mishmash of lots of pic's from an easy fun day out - © Gray Rhodes

Chris Camm demonstrates the correct use of the lifeline. Well, it’s only Phil on the ladder! Photo © Steve Warren

Some of the passageway in our highly secret dig in most unnatural cave passage – photo © Gary Rhodes

Gary neatly dismantles an unwanted flake at Hole in the Wall, Langstrothdale. Saturday November 15 Photo © by Steve Warren

Abi, Phil and Gary at Fossil Pot. October 12 2008. Photo © by Steve Warren

Steve Henry said he never gets onto the website so here he is waiting to go down the third pitch along with Andy Cole and others. Leader Ian is looking after the rope. Photo © Steve Warren December 7 2008

Mistral Hole 30th December 2008 by Antony Wood