Photos - from 2009

Team of Five at Bull Pot, Sunday January 25 2009 Ian, Chris, Genevieve, Steve, Phil. Photo by Steve Warren and Phil

Genevieve gets to grips with the rope on Dolly Tubs – Photo Steve Warren

Chris Dudman on an evening trip to Calf Holes, somewhere near the contortion. May 2009. Photo by Chris Dudman

The A-team ready to enter Dow Cave, March 1, 2009. The B-team arrived late and did not qualify for a photograph. Photo by Steve Warren.With respect to the other team and the photo comment, I think this should be the B team!

Cliff Force Cave 15th March 2009. It was a real pleasure to emerge and wash off in fine sunshine and then admire the fabulous scenery of the Wensleydale - Swaledale watershed. Photo by Steve Warren

Phil Ryder posing at the Treacle Mine, Dow Cave, during a survey session. Spot the missing passage? Photo Steve Warren April 5 2009